ŠP VVL - Anglicko


An English veterinary clinic based in the south of English requires veterinarians to work in general practice. Any level of experience would be considered but a positive and confident attitude and a very friendly approach to clients is important. The clinic is well equipped (digital X-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, etc.) and operations are performed on site. The client base is growing steadily and there is an interesting and varied caseload. Please contact marcus@hutber.com or admin@berater.co.uk for enquiries or more details. In addition, there are 10 opportunities with the same veterinary business in England for Slovak vets to set up their own clinics before Brexit closes entries into the UK. Ten Slovak vets will be offered English (bank) funding to set up a clinic in England under a common business group name. The business side of the clinic will be handled by the English company, so that the Slovak vets can concentrate upon patients and clinical matters. The Slovak vets can resell their clinics in the future (for a profit) and return to Slovakia at any time. For more details or enquiries please contact marcus@hutber.com or admin@berater.co.uk and enclose a curriculum vitae.